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16 the Biggest Wedding Trends 2019, According to Planners

Whether you’re recently engaged, helping a close friend or family member plan their wedding, or simply dreaming up what you might want your own nuptials to look like when the day comes, want to know the hottest wedding trends 2019? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Elegant bridal dress is timeless, or a bohemian dress is the biggest trends in 2019. Top 3 color trends: Dusty blue, dusty rose and mauve. You could choose these beautiful bridesmaid dress for you or your girls. Creative balloon décor, floral wedding arch, inspiring wedding invitations are the biggest trends from real wedding. Creating a wedding that's truly personal has never been more in style. Use these 2019 wedding trends to get creative for your own big day!

Bohemian wedding dress, elegant & chic wedding dresses with train are timeless

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2019 color trends: dusty blue, dusty rose and mauve bridesmaid dresses

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Floral wedding arch outdoor

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Creative wedding invitations in hot colors


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Greenery wedding table runners

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Inspiring balloon decor


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Boho & Special wedding bouquets

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